1 Person-3hr Dirtbike Adventure

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Our dirtbike adventures are the highlight of every “families” vacation or weekend providing exceptional fun and a very comprehensive learning experience.  Our safety training drills are designed to develop exceptional riding skills to protect riders when they speed up or move to a larger dirtbike.

We are a skill development facility and host beginner and intermediate families only.  Our Google and Trip Advisor reviews will explain how customers like our facility.   We are NOT a racing facility, have No racing dirtbikes and no longer host groups of men for safety, maintenance and liability reasons.  Everyone has to complete our safety training drills successfully.  We use a “Follow-the-Leader riding format to keep families safe.  Please text or call us at 813-410-4547 to make sure:

  1. your family is a match for our facility.
  2. your date is available, as we typically only host 1 family per day and work on a first booked first served basis.

Since we only host 1 family per day, we have to have a postponement fee of $125 for the first time $250 the second time.  Cancellation refunds are dependent on whether you give us enough notice to rebook a date which is very unpredictable.  Full cancellations have administration fee of $250 if we cannot rebook your date since we only host 1 family per day.

We ride in the light rain or take breaks and work around it if possible.  Heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightening we stop and take appropriate cover until it passes.  If we have to postpone due to bad weather we do not charge a fee as it is for safety reasons.

We provide the following:

Safety Training, dirtbike of appropriate size (at our discretion), high top boots, all safety gear, water, Gatorade, snacks and bathrooms.

**The rider weight limitation for our dirtbikes with a clutch is 240 pounds maximum.

***The rider weight limitation for our dirtbikes with no clutch is 190 pounds maximum.

Example: 5.9 for a person 5 feet 9 inches tall

experience with and/or without a motorcycle clutch

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Family fun dirtbike adventure in Florida!  Please contact us via text or call to check for availability of appointments at 813-410-4547 as our Dirtbike Ranch in Bushnell Florida is a Private Facility (you must have an appointment and cannot just show up at our front gate).  We typically only host 1 family per day and whoever books the date on the website, gets that date so don’t wait till the last minute to make an appointment.

If you book an appointment without communicating with us in advance we may have to cancel your order.  All Dirtbike Adventures need to be purchased on this website no later than 2 pm the day before your appointment or we cannot guarantee to have the necessary staffing to host your family.  Everything we do is outside, we clean all equipment and surfaces in our facility to Covid19 standards but like most other businesses cannot guarantee you will not get a virus at our facility.  We provide high top boots, all safety gear, water, Gatorade R, snacks, bathrooms, training and dirtbikes of appropriate size (at the discretion of our staff).  No vehicles of any kind are allowed into our facility (no dirtbikes, no cars).  No helmets or equipment of any kind are allowed into our facility for safety reasons.

Dirtbike riding is a dangerous sport that can cause serious and permanent injuries so we do not recommend you bring children or adults with issues that could cause injuries due to a lack of comprehension or coordination capability such as Hyperactivity, ADHD, OCD, Learning Disabilities of any kind, Autistic issues, Listening Skill issues, Physical or Muscle issues or any other health issues from medicines or alcohol or medical marijuana.  Please contact us in advance:  if any health issue exists for any of your riders so we can discuss how to keep your family safe.  Parents who do not want to ride are welcome to come watch but are agreeing to the terms in the waiver as to not sue us for any reason.  We No Longer host groups of men for safety, liability and maintenance reasons.

**The equipment weight limitation for riders with clutch experience is 240 pounds maximum.

***The equipment weight limitation for riders with no clutch experience is 190 pounds maximum.