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-For first time customers we have to have a 3 hour session as a minimum to allow enough time to get through our very comprehensive safety training drills and have time to ride through our trails. If you can fit the 4 hour session into your budget the first time, it will give us even more time to ride the trails and apply what you will learn. Keep in mind our focus is completely on families that are beginner and intermediate riders as we are Not a racing facility and use a follow the leader format. We no longer host groups of men as our focus is on families.

-Repeat customers can choose our 2 hour packages if they desire. Repeat packages are further down in the package listings below and are a little cheaper.

-All you will need for a dirtbike adventure is tall socks and long pants. We supply high top boots, all safety gear, water, GatoradeR, snacks, bathrooms, training and dirtbikes in every package. Size of the dirtbike is at the discretion of the owner Douglas Tilghman and is based on his experience riding dirtbikes since 1968 and training over 7,000 people.

NOTE: You have to book an adventure on this website with your credit card to have an official appointment with us. Texting or calling is for availability only and does not constitute an appointment. In other words just because we have discussed a date via text or email does not mean you have secured an appointment. You have to be the first person to book a specific date on our website with a credit card to get that date. We talk to 5 to 15 new people every week and cannot hold dates for people as our repeat customers know to book dates weeks in advance and will book it immediately. Having people pay in advance is the only way we can guarantee people show up.

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